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Camp Registrar: Candice Jensen

Young Adult Camps: Mark Smith

Week 1+2 Camps: Val Breitkreutz or Candice Jensen

Adult Weekend Camp: Gary Smith

Camp Board: Gary Smith and Val Breitkreutz


Pembina Bible Camp is funded entirely by your generous Tax deductable donations tht are received year round by mail or at the Camp Office during each Sunday and Evening Service.

Donations should be made payable to

Pembina Bible Camp Fellowship

mailed to:

Pembina Bible Campc/o Vicki Seatter62213 Range Road 11 RR1, Dapp, ABT0G 0S0

Pembina Bible Camp Sabbatical year 2020

Pembina Camp will not be holding any camps this season, The focus will be on upgrading our camp facilities with opportunities to volunteer for various work projects with the major emphasis on washrooms and classrooms. A big thanks for your continued support and assistance this summer.

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