About Us

Pembina Bible Camp exists so people can take time out for God and each other. 
Our four values are:
  1.  Faith- experiencing life changing encounters with God and resting in His presence 

2.  Fellowship- building eternal relationships and being encouraged 

3. Fun- making life long memories 
4. Fulfillment- providing opportunity to serve and grow in your giftings



“The power of God fell in such a wondrous way

that the people flocked in for miles.

More than a hundred were saved

and many of them were filled with the Holy Ghost.

 Scores were baptized in the Pembina River.

Miracles of healing were experienced….

this first camp lasted for six weeks,”

Lillian Gudeau ~ 1931


Pembina Bible Camp began in the 1930’s. The power of God and the undeniable presence of the Holy Spirit flooded that rustic camp and the lives of many were forever changed. The camp moved several times in the early years, from Rossington to Dapp to Shoal Creek to Rochester and then to it’s current home along the Pembina River just west of Dapp in 1953.

Throughout the years, many different churches and denominations have come together to experience the presence of God together. Pembina  Bible Camp continues to be a multi-denominational camp with an emphasis on discipleship and the Holy Spirit.

“Our bunkhouses were borrowed granaries…

Fish, vegetables, wild fruit and rhubarb dishes were our main diet.

There was nothing fancy, but we enjoyed the presence of the Lord and many came to know Jesus as their personal Saviour,”

Florence Neuman ~ 1935

“I didn’t know how to pray but God met with me

 and flooded my soul with such peace

and I knew my sins were all forgiven

 and my desire was to follow Him all the way,”

 Florence Sjostrom ~ 1938

“There was a waiting on the Lord in those days—

burdens of prayer and intercession and weeping and praying through,

saw souls born into the Kingdom together with wonderful anointed preaching of the Word.

Beautiful it is to experience the presence of God,

 to share and to pray with others,”

Ray Grierson ~ 1950’s


“There was one story…about a lady by the name of Mrs. Busby

 who was almost totally blind…

hearing the salvation message,

she accepted Christ and was healed,

 receiving back her eyesight…

One day in town one neighbour said to the other,

“Who’s that lady walking down the road?”

“Oh, that’s Mrs. Busby. Can’t be! She’s as blind as a bat.”

“Not anymore, she went to that camp meeting and now she can see,”

~Bill Seatter~

“Eternity will tell of the work that’s been done,”

Edith G. Brewer



Pembina Bible Camp is funded entirely by your generous Tax deductable donations tht are received year round by mail or at the Camp Office during each Sunday and Evening Service.

Donations should be made payable to

Pembina Bible Camp Fellowship

and mailed to:

Pembina Bible Camp

c/o Vicki Seatter

62213 Range Road 11

RR1, Dapp, AB

T0G 0S0



We are located alongside the beautiful Pembina River north of Westlock, Alberta and west of Dapp on Range Road 11.

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Taking time out for God and each other